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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  November 27, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is 9 news now. welcome to 9 news now at noon. i'm angie goff in for j.c. hayward. the black friday blitz is on at malls and stores across the country an for die-hard shoppers that mad rush for bargains again at midnight.
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alex trevino has more from tysons corner. >> as the midnight crowd leaves, a new wave of shoppers moves in. you can always spot a die-hard shopper from onened of tysons corner from the other end the mall. we ran in to two young women on a mission to find good deals. >> you have ten bags. >> it's the second round. first round was eight or nine bags [ laughter ] >> reporter: as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm may hold true for these sisters from crystal city. they woke up at 3:00 this morning and arrived at 4:00 a.m. at tysons corner to hunt down a bargain. a broken ankle wouldn't stop cher from looking for great deals. >> you have six bags and a cast. that didn't stop you? >> no. she dragged me out. last year she made all the great deals and so i was hoping
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with the cast people would be nicer. >> delias did great. a lot of t-shirts you can get. wet seal had good deals victoria secret has a great deal for women. if they want to check it out. that is a good one, too. >> some shoppers were on a different wave length taking naps. for folks who have been on their feet there are plenty of places to sit down and relax. you have until 10:00 to find a good deal here. alex trevino, 9 news now and >> in reston, black friday shoppers lined up to take advantage of holiday bargains. diehard shoppers braved the wet weather to see the first? line. some brought their thanksgiving dinners to eat while they waited. some got their shopping done yesterday. >> i don't have to do my own cooking. i figured i'd take advantage of the sales and everything going on. >> got a whole boat load.
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got a boat load, new basketballs, lacrosse deck, everything. >> sioux sioux and the video game rock band are two hot sellers this season. for more go to and click on black friday the hunt is on our website at >> if you are looking to burn off the thanksgiving dinner you can work out for free. golds gym is opening its doors today, tomorrow and sunday to help you burn off extra calories. trainer and nutrition experts will be on hand to offer tips. family and friends are paying their family respects to washington wizards owner abe pollin. the funeral started at 11:30 at the washington hebrew congregation in northwest washington. the public memorial will be held at the verizon center next month. there are road closures you should know about because of the funeral. macomb street is closed between
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massachusetts avenue and idaho northwest. and 39th street is closed from massachusetts to newark avenues until 1:00 this afternoon. the white house is not commenting but the secret service is looking in to how a virginia couple managed to crash the president's state dinner. they weren't on the guest list but they somehow managed to get in through security to the cocktail reception and had their picture taken with everyone from the vice president to the mayor of washington. they posted the pictures later on facebook. >> they made their way through this entire event indetected until the time guests sat down and then they slipped up. >> reporter: secret service officials insist the president and other dignitaries were never in danger. they point out they passed through security before they entered the room with obama and vice president biden. they released a statement saying they did not crash the party and look forward to setting the record straight
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soon. part of the ceiling at the farragut metro station is cracking. investigators discovered a 15- foot crack after checking on a loose concrete tile and found smaller cracks including one that stretches from the platform to the crack. they have set up a work zone in the area to repair the damage. the aftershocks are felt from the new guidelines for mammograms. next week the controversy heads to congress where the federal panel that revises the recommendations will be asked to explain why. more now from wyatt andrews. >> reporter: in doctors offices nationwide, women who believe in routine mammograms are still asking how did this happen? >> it is an outrage. >> reporter: how did the nation's best medical expert on a u.s. prevention task force rule against routine screening mammography in women age 40 to 49. >> this is what saves lives.
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my life has been saved by two mammograms each before age 50. >> the vice chair brushed aside suggestions the findings were based on cost. they say it was all about science. studies showing that for women  in their 40s relatively few cancers get detected compared to the many false positive tests that lead women to get unneeded biopsies. >> false positives are a bad thing for women themselves. >> reporter: for most doctors false positives are scary but not life-threatening. the controversy is where is the harm with routine mammograms. >> this requires a small surgery. >> reporter: deep in the report the crucial finding is here. for women in their 40s the panel concluded only one life is saved for every 1900 mammograms. for women in their 50s where routine exams are recommended one life is saved for every 1300 tests. and this is the break down doctors are questioning. why is one life in 1300 tests a
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benefit to women, but one in 1900 makes mammograms a risk? and is this really science of a gut call. >> the task force would like to think it is science. many think it is a value judgment. >> reporter: the american cancer society questions why the expert panel does not have a practicing cancer physician. >> those of us in the field know there are motivations were not to save women's lives. >> reporter: a house subcommittee has ask members of the task force to come to congress and explain the decision next week, including why a test that has saved thousands of women every year was found to be overused. wyatt andrews, cbs news, washington. few things are more heart breaking than a child waking up on christmas morning without a toy. see how a new program is working to fix that. and charities across the country are having a hard time providing relief to cash- strapped families. see how they are trying to drum
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up business.
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for some families it's been harder to find things to be grateful for this year. parents struggling to makeneds meet often must deny their children the things they want, but a program that loans toys like library books is helping kids to find joy in the toughest neighborhoods in los angeles. bit whittaker has more.
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>> my gel who shares a house with seven relatives and sleeps on the couch knows toys are a luxury. >> we don't have enough money and the money we have we need it for bills and stuff like that. >> what does that feel like when you want something and you can't get it? >> sort of sad. >> reporter: when the toy loan program opened a center at his school he was one of the first in line. the program began in los angeles 74 years ago, during the depression. kids borrowed toys like books from the library. they can play with the toy for a week. if it is returned in good condition they can borrow another, after 20 weeks they can get a big prize like a doll house or a bike to keep. >> eutimio help the kids to put a smile on their face which is making me put a smile on my face. >> reporter: this single mom was unemployed almost two months. she has a new job but new toys for 5-year-old edgar are out of
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the question. >> you want to buy them the toys they want but financially right now the situation is really bad. >> reporter: l.a. 's is the largest free toy loan program in the country with about 45,000 toys in circulation, serving 2500 kids a month at 550 loan centers. it relies entirely on donations, which drop dramatically during the recession ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: at last count, some 3500 fewer toys were donated while the number of children needing toys jumped by more than 1400. the program's director hopes more donations will pour in over the holidays. >> the idea of play is so critical in a chide's life that it is something that every child is entitled to. >> reporter: miguel's new board game, free for a week. the gift of childhood fun, priceless memories for a lifetime. bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. howard is up next with the
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forecast. >> had to bust out the umbrella. some showers are pushing through. in fact we may have a little hail in these showers. we will show you live doppler hd as we look at fairfax county. you see the yellow areas down to burke? watch out. they could drop small hail. we will look at doppler hd and them week warm pillsbury cookies
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space shuttle "atlantis" wrapped up its is 1-day trip just before 10:00 this morning. the crew brought supplies to the international space station. nasa's next flight is scheduled for february. some families in virginia had their thanksgiving holiday weekend begin with a bit of a bang. seismologists at virginia tech said an earthquake shook the central part of the state on wednesday night. the earthquake measured 2.5 in magnitude. the people from nelson, amherst say they felt the tremors. >> suddenly i just heard this loud kind of noise and felt the foundation of the house
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shaking. >> reporter: fortunately no injuries or major damage was report. more than half of all charities are reporting a drop in donations this year. the next few weeks will be crucial in their fund-raising efforts. some charities are finding new tactics and gimmicks to get you to give. it's that time of the year again. charities are asking for holiday donation, and as usual, some have trying to get you to give by giving you something first. the coalition to salute america's heros is sending perspective donors a dollar bill. in the international eye foundation is mailing out $2 checks. the spca is sending fleecey gloves. >> when you see this kind of money wasted on trinkets and all of this other kind of stuff, it's just -- it sort of -- it just goes against logic really. >> reporter: ken burger is the president of charity navigator a non-profit organization that
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tracks how charities spend their money. burger says solicitation that include gifts can cost charities 3 or $4 apiece. an expense that cuts in to the am the charity can intend on good work. another trend this year, the desperate plea. >> they are telling donors that they are really in trouble. they are telling donors that the economic downturn has really hammered them to the point where sometimes they are even questioning whether they will be around tomorrow. >> reporter: all of this comes at a time when many charities are more in need of help than ever. social service charities saw a 16% drop in donations last year. so charities are asking for money in new ways through texting and social media. ways they hope will appeal to a new generation of givers. a hand full of the salvation army bell ringers are processing credit card and debit donations right at the
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kettle. before you give, ken burger recommends doing home work on his website or one of the others that monitors charities. see how much the organization spends on its mission and how much goes to overhead. >> howie, howie. >> spoke to some of our weather watchers in faulkier county, charlie calls in and said he have some small. the thought it was sleet but actually hail. >> much like thunderstorms but we don't have the thunder and lightning with them. freezing level is not that high so it doesn't take much to get a little hail but enough to actually cover the ground for a while there just between catlick and we will hoe show you southern faulkier county on the radar. we have some showers an. these are moving to the southeast. maybe in the 35, 40-mile an hour range. and we will zoom in and show you to the north and east pretty quiet but to our west in
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arlington and here in northwest a couple of sprinkles. going to fairfax county along the river toward the beltway here we are seeing some of that. even ashburn and loudoun county approaching dulles this guy approaching burke. this one, if any of these cells have a little small hail in them it will be this one on the south side of burke move hog to the southeast. this will be on 95 in 15 to 20 minutes. lorton will get at least a heavy shower out of this if not a couple of pieces of ice coming out. they will be small ones to make it interesting for a while. elsewhere as we welcome at live doppler hd, let's get back to doppler here. in northern loudoun county on the boarder here with virginia we have this one traveling in to western portions of montgomery. that will be southeast with a little rain. one more stop to the south. we are seeing sprinkles from river side and dahlgren and warrenton you are clearing out and may not see much more but
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it was interesting for a few minutes. and now to the weather computer. we are watching the storm we had yesterday race east. that's last night's rain. here's disturbance number two. to the north and west it is snow. winter weather advisories for western maryland and garrett county. pull this picture off the state highway website. i-68 and 219 a few minutes ago the ground is white but the roads are drivable. but different in the western part of maryland. next three days look like this. windy today, 49, 50ish with rain and a snow shower in the mountains. saturday we will be breezy, 53 and sunday looking good. this afternoon, windy and colder. a few rain and snow showers. call it 46 to 51 with northwest winds 15 to 25 and gusty. mostly cloudy to partly cloudy after midnight. breezy and cold with lows in the 30s and partly cloudy to
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mostly sunny. low 50s for the high temperatures are 46 in annapolis. 52 cambridge. martins burling only 41. winchester 45. winds which are gusting over 30 in many areas. winchester 32. they have had gusts as high as 39. here in washington we have gusting at 32. our temperature is 49 but we have a wind chill of 42 degrees. as far as the national travel forecast, if you are going out of town, getting back to a spot here that is coming to visit us, the northeast has a big storm. northwest a little bit and in the south, we have a little moisture here but this give in new england a lot of rain, win and even mountain snows. look at the seven-day forecast because we are going to get better. today kind of windy with rain showers, even a snowflake not out of the question. nice on sunday. by monday afternoon could be a few showers, 51. and wednesday in to thursday we'll see a more potent system heads this way with rain. watch for the showers and we
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have more coming up in just a moment. hi we're jim and redskin crooper. we want to wish our family and friends in the washington, d.c. area a very merry christmas and a happy new year, especially my mom, my sisters, my brother, my nieces, my nephews, my cousins, my dad -- godson and all of those i love. we miss you. eight more months. bye. did you know that 75% of growing kids
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for friends friday we are talking about a serious matter that may affect your friends and family and you don't even know it, domestic violence. the chair of the family violence council of maryland is here and it is great to have you join us and talk about this important matter. first off, in the simplest terms what is domestic violence? >> it affects everybody, men, women, children. it's when one person uses power and control over another person, either physical or emotional abuse to control that relationship. >> and you oversee the family violence council. what exactly does this council do in. >> governor o'malley appointed 25 of us. they are either statesmen or advocates of domestic violence field and what we are doing is look at legislation, public policy issue and data across the state of maryland and that is scary because last year 75
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men, women and children lost their lives because of an abusive relationship and another scary statistic is every 1.4 minutes somebody in the united states, a woman is battered either emotionally or physically. >> so unacceptable when talking about these matters and these issues there's probably not someone better to talk about it than someone who has lived through the nightmare and survived it. you have a personal story. >> i do. i have been living under a protective order until ten years ago. i almost lost my life because of my ex-husband and it was because of a friend who finally recognized the signs that i was able to leave that disastrous relationship. >> when you talk about the signs there are resources out there and numbers to talk to people. >> what i would suggest to everyone is they call the domestic violence hotline at
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800-799-safe. and -- call that hotline if you are experiencing abuse or know someone who looks like is experiencing abuse. they will refer you to an organization in your own community. >> it is a joy to have you here. great information for our viewers. thanks for joining us on this black friday. and thanks for joining us on this 9 news now at noon. we will be back at 5:00 with a recap of black friday. remember, we have all the information you need on our website.
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